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A Small Town Cop Romance


Easton Police Officer Trilogy
Book 2 of 3

Avery Scott had enough on her plate without having the sexy Greg Evans coming into her life, too bad he has other ideas.

Avery Scott is about to embark on the biggest battle of her career, the last thing she needs is a distraction of any kind. Especially in the form of one sexy physical therapist like Greg Evans.

Greg has never understood the excitement of seeing a woman in a uniform, that is until he spots the alluring Avery Scott wearing hers. One look at her and he knows that he’s in a whole lot of trouble. Trouble he’s more than willing to get into.

But Avery has a lot on her plate and Greg is hiding a secret from her. Will the two lovers be able to find a way to each other, or will Avery’s honor to her job and outside forces tear them apart?


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