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A BWWM Office Romance

The Billionaire and Me

When Charlie Walters learned about the internship at Marcus Reycock's company she knew she was the best person for the job. She walks into the interview confident that she will get the job, but when she leaves she is affected more than she would like to admit about the man she hoped to work with but knew so little about.

Marcus Reycock was looking not only for an intern that he can mold but someone that could hopefully control his companies. Fed up with the life of takeovers, he wants to try something new. He never expected to have feelings or be attracted to Charlie.

After Charlie takes the job, sparks fly and passion ignites. Marcus must try to keep his hands to himself long enough to teach her all that he knows. Charlie needs to keep her mind on the job and not on the man who controls so much of her thoughts and body. As the weeks pass, they give into their feeling but uncertainly sets in for both of them.

How can Marcus care for her and the woman that she wants to become. Can Marcus trust that she wants him, the man, and not his money?


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