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A BBW Office Romance

The Billionaire Co-Worker

The Falcon Series
Book 2 of 3

Paige Hasting has a single goal in mind, to find a cure to a disease that killed the man who was like her father. When she hits a snag in her research there is only one man who can help her, Tristan Krueger. But he doesn't want to help her.

Tristan only came to Falcon Industries as a courtesy, he didn't need the money and certainly didn't need the headache of working with someone else. One look at Paige has him changing his mind. He accepts the position in order to spend more time with her. The more he works with her the more he wants to keep her in his life. But he is hiding a secret, one that might destroy their newfound happiness. 

Will he tell her before it is too late, or will fate step in and destroy what he has come to cherish the most?


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