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A BWWM Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance

The Billionaires Of New York

A BWWM Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance

These three books are all stand-alone black woman white man romances, with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.

The Billionaire Proposal

Sara Anderson loves her life, except for one thing. There is no man to share it with. But after a disastrous weekend of first dates, she swears off men. That is until she meets billionaire Chance Holden. He has her rethinking her thoughts on men.

Chance Holden needs to marry a woman and fast or lose his inheritance. He only meant to talk to Sara about a solution, he never figured on her being the answer to his problem. They agree to a no strings, platonic marriage. But there is an attraction there, one that they can’t deny. Chance feels he can’t give into his feelings as he gave his word to Sara. Sara can’t believe a man like Chance could be interested in her. Will these two find a way to each other and their own happiness?

The Billionaire Arrangement

Grant Wilks had only come back to New York to spend time with his dying mother. He had tried to stay away from, Reggie Hogan, the woman he had love and lost years ago. But when his mother asks to see Reggie, he has to see her again.

Reggie' s life was going well, she had a good job, good friends, and lived in a city she loved. She didn't need nor want Grant coming back into her life and messing with her head and heart.

When Grant's mother thinks they are back together, Grant convinces Reggie to go along with the ruse. He promises that he will keep it completely platonic. But the more time they spent together the more they realized that the feelings they thought were long since buried or only hiding right under the surface.

Can Grant convince Reggie that he has changed and he is the man for her? Can Reggie let her heart decide her fate one more time?

The Billionaire Scheme

When Jennifer Hogan went to go work for Connor Davis's in his Congressional run, she hoped to get some experience in the political world. She never expected to be attracted to the candidate or for him to feel the same way.

Connor Davis was never one to jump into bed with any woman but one look at Jennifer had him changing his mind. When they give into their passion the results have huge consequences for both of them. Hoping to save their careers they hatch a scheme to say they are engaged.

Acting engaged in public is one thing, not giving into their growing desire for each other in private is another. Jennifer only wanted to fix the mistake she made, she never expected to fall in love with Connor. Connor only wanted to make sure Jennifer was okay and win the election, never expecting Jennifer to mean so much to him.


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