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Three passionate small town cop romances!

The Easton Police Officer Trilogy

The Easton Police Officer Trilogy

Three passionate stories of romance and true love! Follow the Scott triplets, all police officers, as they navigate the joys and pitfalls of finding love. Guaranteed happily ever afters, no cliffhangers or cheating!


Lily Tanner had always thought of Hunter Scott as one of her best friends until she saw him as something more. After one disastrous breakup after another, Lily Scott decided to take a break from men. She has a good life in the small town of Easton. She loves working as a firefighter, she has great friends and a supportive family. What more does she need? Hunter Scott had been in love with Lily for as long as he could remember, but she always felt just out of reach. Besides the fact that he was one of his closest friends, and his sister's best friend, she has never looked at him in a romantic way. When an opportunity presents itself for him to show her how much he truly cares, Hunter jumps at the chance. But will Lily be able to see him as anything more than a friend? And will he have to choose been serving the town he loves and the woman he loves?


Avery Scott is about to embark on the biggest battle of her career, the last thing she needs is a distraction of any kind. Especially in the form of one sexy physical therapist like Greg Evans. Greg has never understood the excitement of seeing a woman in a uniform, that is until he spots the alluring Avery Scott wearing hers. One look at her and he knows that he’s in a whole lot of trouble. Trouble he’s more than willing to get into. But Avery has a lot on her plate and Greg is hiding a secret from her. Will the two lovers be able to find a way to each other, or will Avery’s honor to her job and outside forces tear them apart?


Emma Baxter had just gotten divorced. All she’s looking for is a little fun and excitement in her life. She thinks she has found it in spades with sexy officer Jason Scott. Jason was never a man who wanted marriage, kids, or anything long term. He was happy with a woman in his life, briefly. But one look at Emma and he starts to see things differently. The two start a passionate relationship, one that burns brighter and hotter than either one of them imagined. When Emma’s ex comes back into town and wants her back, it shatters their fragile connection. Will Jason be able to prove to Emma that he wants more than a simple fling? Will Emma protect her heart from Jason or can she learn to trust him and their newfound love?


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