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A Werebear Shifter Erotic Trilogy

A Werebear Shifter Erotic Trilogy

A Shifter Erotic Trilogy

Forever My Bear

Alice Hexermia is good at her job in private security, thanks in part to her grandmother who taught her the required skills Out of the blue, her grandmother tells her she needs to go to New York and save a man who is in trouble. Alice obeys without questions, but she is concerned at how this man is connected to her grandmother and possibly herself.

Holden Brassierian is about to close the deal of his career, unaware of the danger that surrounds him and his family. When a beautiful woman comes along and saves his life he is thrown off guard. Running for their lives they both feel a deep connection to each other and sparks fly.

But their families have a dark past and it could tear them apart or be what brings them together for all time.

Always My Bear

Imogena Hexermia likes her quiet life as a teacher. When her grandmother tells her she must fly to Paris. Reluctantly, she leaves the comforts of her home, to safe a man who may not want to be saved. One look at the man and she knows there is something between them. That she must do anything to keep him alive, even if it means spending more time with him than is safe for her heart.

Pierson Brassierian has been living the life of a single, rich man. But months of partying are starting to take its toil on him. He wants something more in his life, and he thinks he finds it with one look at Imogena. He is instantly attracted to her but she wants to have nothing to do with his carefree ways. Using everything he can think of, even the threat on his own life, he will do whatever it takes to make her realize he is the man for her.

Infinitely My Bear

Reagan Hexermia didn’t want to be attracted to her boss. More importantly, she didn’t want to have to go find him and bring him back to her grandmother’s compound. But when her grandmother tells you to do something, you do, no matter the consequences. Now she needs to convince him to go away with her without falling into bed with him.

Bolton Brassierian thought Reagan was proposing a weekend getaway when she said he needed to come with her. His world came crashing down when he found out the real reason. Now they are running from a group of men who want them dead. In the midst of all the danger, Bolton can’t fight his attraction to Reagan. When they are alone in a motel room he wonders why he should.

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