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A Werebear Shifter Erotic Story

Forever My Bear

A Werebear Shifter Erotic Story
Book 1 of 3

Alice Hexermia is good at her job in private security, thanks in part to her grandmother who taught her the required skills. Out of the blue, her grandmother tells her she needs to go to New York and save a man who is in trouble. Alice obeys without questions, but she is concerned at how this man is connected to her grandmother and possibly herself.

Holden Brasserian is about to close the deal of his career, unaware of the danger that surrounds him and his family. When a beautiful woman comes along and saves his life he is thrown off guard. Running for their lives they both feel a deep connection to each other and sparks fly.

But their families have a dark past and it could tear them apart or be what brings them together for all time.

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