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A Small Town Military Firefighter Romance


The Easton Firefighter Trilogy
Book 3 of 3

There are two things that Thea Dalton has always known:

One, that she has been in love with Gabe Sullivan since she was twelve years old. Two, that she was never going to make him hers. To cope Thea has spent as little time around him as possible.

That was until their best friends decided to get married.

Gabe Sullivan hadn’t meant to kiss her after the wedding.

It was a mistake. A beautiful, sexy, mind numbing mistake

that haunted his dreams and invaded his every waking thought. He's no good for Thea, he had done his best for her and stayed away, he only needed to continue to do the same.

When a professional crisis puts them in each other’s path, Thea starts to see Gabe in a whole new light. One that makes her think that they could be something. Something great. If only she can convince him.

Will Gabe be willing to let Thea into his damaged heart? Will Thea be willing to open herself up for a chance at love,

even if it could end in the biggest heartache of her life?

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