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A Small Town Military Firefighter Romance


The Easton Firefighter Trilogy
Book 2 of 3

The temperature isn’t cooling down in the little town of Easton.

Dr. Amelia Sanders has spent the last year settling into her new life in the small town of Easton. She has established herself as a trusted veterinarian at the local clinic, she made some good friends and she has done her best to keep away from the man she secretly has a crush on, Jackson Dalton. That is until he comes walking into her clinic with a hurt puppy.

Jackson Dalton has kept to himself since he came back from the war, never getting too deeply involved with a woman. Working as a firefighter and spending time with his friends gave him enough satisfaction. But one look at the puppy Inca, hurting on the side of the road, and his life instantly changes. Not only does his heart start to open up to her, but he finds himself attracted to the sexy Dr. Amelia Sanders.

A romance begins between the two lost souls. But Amelia is harboring a secret, one that can destroy their newfound happiness. When Jackson finds out, will he be able to forgive her, or will his own demons keep the two lovers apart?

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